how much seasonal sparkle?

We all need a bit of sparkle in our lives, but the trick is not to overdo
it…so how much glitter and bling is too much for the first Christmas party of the year?

The other day I read that women spend more hours planning their outfit for
the Christmas party than for any other occasion…I can’t quite believe
that, what about a wedding for instance? Anyway, there was a whole article
devoted to the perfect party dress and accessories. I am certain I’m not
among this set of highly researched women who spend weeks planning their
outfits, however, I did spend half of yesterday sorting out what to wear
last night.

This involved trying on a couple of dresses I already had, choosing the one
with most sparkle in it, then unearthing the highest pair of heels I could
find. It was a good start, but something was missing…the bling or sparkle
factor was pretty low. So I hunted round the house for something red and
shiny…found some small red baubles and attached them to some earring
clasps – hey presto, I was practically a walking Christmas tree. My next
mission was to find some tights that had a bit or sparkle to them and
something for my hair. I decided against sprinkling glitter onto an old pair
of tights covered in glue, so sometime later and several shops on I returned
home with some expensive tights with sparkles on the sides (shhh, don’t
tell the Major!) and glittery hair bits.

I thought I had got it about right, but you never know until you arrive how
other people are going to interpret the invitation to dress as glitzy and
glamorous as possible. Infact, I was pretty understated if I compared myself
to some of the party-goers….we had someone in a tutu, who really did
belong on top of the Christmas tree, others in very short shiny red and
sequins and then there was the very classy ladies in black with touches of
sparkle here and there. Some of the best accessories were the reindeer
headbands and the Christmas tree glasses…not forgetting the flashing Santa
brooch. Compared to all this glamour and bling, my red baubles and diamante
encrusted tights weren’t going to cause a stir…although they were
commented on, so I figured it was worth the trouble.

This particular party was unusual in that it was a fairly exclusively female
event…apart from the interval when Santa arrived, accompanied by two elves
and a supermarket trolley full of presents. There was ‘no comment’ to
questions about what had happened to the sleigh, presumably something to do
with the economic climate. The night also set the bar quite high for all the
other Christmas events coming up; with great food, good company, pretty
presents and singing, to top it all we each had our own bubble pots to add
to the sparkle in the room.

Following last night, there are a few essentials I am adding to my
pre-Christmas shopping list which will include an appropriately silly and
glitzy headband to wear to church on Christmas Day and a bottle of spray
glitter perfume, plus a lip gloss with a light and mirror on it. Thank you
ladies on my table for the inspiration! You may not be a fan of glitter and
sparkle, but I think Christmas is the one time when you probably can’t have
too much….now I am off to hunt down the tinsel and little lights because
it is actually starting to feel a bit Christmassy here, despite the