Which shoes?

The big question is which shoes? You may smile, but it’s an important one for today.
Today I have to be smart. I have to be professional, but not flashy. I have to be comfortable, able to walk without tripping over or dying to slip off my heels. I also want to feel good.I’ve spent the past two years mainly in flip flops or no shoes at all. Court shoes and heels practically never made an appearance. I remember trying a pair on in preparation for a big posh day and thought my feet would explode. Lately, I’ve been alternating between slippers and wellies or walking boots. 
Yesterday I enjoyed a very muddy wet run to the beach and back. My trainers have never looked so black – but I loved it. It was a fantastic feeling splashing through standing water in the tracks, jumping between mini lakes and the banks and finally giving up on trying to stay dry I ran straight through the flooded marshes to the shoreline, cold water creeping through my socks and squelching (delicious word) in the bottom of my shoes. There’s something invigorating about running through mud and water and laughing or singing and looking forward to the shower when you get home.

But today it is suede court shoes on my feet – now much cleaner than they were yesterday. Today I must be careful not to ladder my pale stockings and I must sit in a more ladylike way – no tucking my feet up under me or stomping through puddles – these must be given a wide birth. Today I am on a top secret mission to the big city.

The interview looms. Ssh! The outcome may dictate which shoes I’ll be slipping into in the months ahead…